Saturday, 7 February 2009

To Bury and Back - - and blood sugar HIGH

Today I went to Bury to see The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch with one of our actors, Robert Took, in it. It was for three to seven year-olds and therefore ideal for me.

Today I ate:


scampi, chips and processed peas
Diet Coke

three digestive biscuits

two slices of toast and peanut butter

Verdict: well, a bit too much fat but hey, I'm not exactly overeating madly, am I? The porridge had milk in (it always does) and I drink a bit of milk in tea and coffee but I don't drink anything else except water (I don't drink alcohol) and the occasional Diet Coke.

I have Type 2 diabetes and forgot to take my Metformin tablets after tea today so have just taken my blood sugar now and it is 16.2 and considering it should be below 10 two hours after a meal, and I last ate at about six o'clock - - - well, I mustn't forget my tablets again! I'm feeling really tired tonight and clearly this is why: the sugar is high in my blood because it's not getting to the rest of me, which feels exhausted. Damn! I must do better with these tablets and not forget to take them. Blindness! Limb amputation! Heart disease! All possibly awaiting me if I don't keep my blood sugar down. Wake up and smell the coffee, Daphne! (and don't put sugar in it).

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