Thursday, 19 February 2009

A Good Day in the Office

Some good offers of work came into the office today and I was particularly pleased when someone rang and said we had been recommended to them because our actors are so brilliant and so reliable. Hurrah!

Today I ate:


a large lump of raw white cabbage

three pieces of malt loaf with butter

a scone with butter and no-added-sugar raspberry jam

Sainsbury's chicken with noodles ready meal (didn't finish it though)

rhubarb with evaporated milk

an apple

an orange

another scone with butter and jam, as above

Verdict: Not too bad on the fruit and veg but as usual too much carbohydrate and TOO MUCH BUTTER! Will I never learn? - - - On the other hand, I neither smoke nor drink so please can I have some leeway on the butter front? - - Nope. Must do better.

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