Sunday, 8 February 2009

A Meeting, a Snowman - - - and high blood sugar, damn it

Today was the actors' agency's monthly meeting and it went really well - three possible new members interviewed and all of them offered membership.

Olli and Gareth built a rather superior snowman.

And I ate:


a croissant (this was lunch as I'd been shopping and there wasn't much time before the meeting)

a chocolate digestive biscuit (yes, just the one)

an apple

a banana

Chilli con carne - - made with minced beef, tinned tomatoes, onions, baked beans (we prefer them to kidney beans) plus frozen peas, and wholegrain brown rice

an orange

six lychees

AND I remembered to take my tablets. And although the croissant and the chocolate digestive weren't exactly good, my diet could be a helluva lot worse. So it doesn't seem fair that now, just before I go to bed, my blood sugar is 13.9, does it? Sighhhhhhhhhhh. The one good thing is that I felt like cooking tonight, and made a huge pan of chilli and froze some - - which is great because in recent months I've often felt queasy at teatime - probably due to the tablets, so perhaps I've finally got used to them.


  1. I'm sympathetic about your struggle with diabetes, Daphne... Must be frustrating at times.

  2. PS you have inspired me to start a similar blog. Thank you.