Monday, 23 February 2009

A Bit Washed-Out

I woke early this morning feeling suddenly very sick and dizzy and yet I felt fine last night - I think it was because I didn't eat very much in the evening and then took my tablets (Glucophage, which make me feel slightly queasy anyway) on an empty stomach.

After lying there feeling terrible for a while I went back to sleep and then woke at eight feeling a lot better - - but I've been very tired and washed-out all day. A busy day in the office though!

Today I ate:

no-sugar Alpen (muesli)

two slices of white toast and butter and a banana

two slices of Double Gloucester cheese on toast

an orange

Yes, hardly a balanced diet but it was simply what I could face. I still feel distinctly below par - I'll go to bed early and see if I feel better in the morning.

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