Saturday, 28 February 2009


I was still rather tired today though a bit of gardening perked me up, if only temporarily.

And I ate:


two slices of white toast and butter and marmalade (my blood sugar felt really low)

a banana

a bowl of Cheerios

an orange

home made chilli con carne but with baked beans instead of kidney beans: peas, wholegrain rice

rhubarb and custard (bit of a sugary day today, Daphne)

another, smaller bowl of Cheerios (yes, wholegrain cereal but with SUGAR in)

Verdict: what's with the sudden Cheerios addiction? Look, my diet's not bad but I still don't feel brilliant, to be honest - I think it's the diabetes. Think I'd better get myself to the doctor and have an HBA1C which is a blood sugar check which averages it out. Sighhh.

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