Thursday, 21 May 2009

Two Tiring Days

Yesterday I worked in the office and Gareth's mum Val came to visit.

And I ate:

porridge with raspberries

a banana

two slices of toast

four biscuits

Chinese takeaway - - assorted appetiser - - - lots of fatty things and some beansprouts!

an orange

piece of fruit cake

Verdict: Really not good but I was rushing around like a mad rushing thing.

Today I was over in Huddersfield at work this morning and it meant another early start.

And I ate:

porridge with frozen raspberries

tuna mayonnaise sandwich

shortbread biscuit

four digestive biscuits


chilli con carne with tomatoes, onions, peas, wholegrain rice

piece of fruit cake

Verdict: Some good stuff in there but again I let my blood sugar get too low on the way back from Huddersfield. Must remember to eat before it does that!

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