Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sunny - - and Hungry

A lovely sunny day today and I went for two walks, one in the park and one near home. But the Gliclazide made me really hungry all day.

And I ate:

Cheerios with milk

a banana

an apple

a large chunk of white cabbage with some salad cream (whilst I waited for the chicken to cook as my blood sugar was so low)

two glucose tablets (ditto)

a few brazil nuts (ditto)

roast chicken, roast potatoes, sprouts, peas, sweetcorn, gravy

two small Bakewell tarts

two scones with butter and jam

some Ritz biscuits with half-fat butter

a brazil nut yogurt

an orange

Verdict: Plenty of fruit and veg but too much of everything else. And I'm STILL HUNGRY. Sighh.

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