Monday, 18 May 2009

Don't Do This Again Daphne

Today I left it too late to have lunch and by the time I did my blood sugar was really low.

It all started off well:

porridge with frozen raspberries

half a tuna and cucumber sandwich
half and egg and tomato sandwich

(thanks to David who brought me both of these)

but as I ate them I was aware that my blood sugar was still dropping - - -

a piece of lemon cake

four digestive biscuits

(oh dear oh dear)

an orange

and then a little bun in the afternoon, whatthehell

But things improved later:
stir-fry mixed vegetables with almonds and noodles

fresh raspberries and a banana

Verdict: Fine on the fruit and veg. Bad on the sugar! Must eat before my blood sugar gets too low.

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