Saturday, 16 May 2009

After a Gap - - -

I've had a very busy week or so with a trip to London closely followed by a trip to Barrow - - and I really enjoyed them both! And Gareth's been in hospital with appendicitis. Blimey.

But, after overdosing on delicious food, back to what passes for normal - -

Today I ate:

porridge with frozen raspberries

two croissants (it was a stressful day and one thing I've learned is that when I'm stressed out, I head for the croissants)

an orange
an apple

pasta with tomato and basil sauce
a slice of gingerbread with butter (nononononono)

another orange

a couple of squares of dark chocolate

Verdict: Off to the supermarket tomorrow to get some SALAD and VEG.

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