Friday, 6 March 2009

Thursday and Friday

I was tired last night and didn't realise that I hadn't written this blog until I was in bed - - and I thought - - ohhh - - tomorrow - -

So yesterday I ate:


two slices of breadmaker wholemeal bread with butter

a banana

chicken tikka masala with boiled rice (Sainsbury's ready meal)

an orange

And today I ate:

porridge (it was cold)

baked potato with butter and houmus and salad - lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red pepper

small apple pie


Chicken Fried Rice from the take-away and it had peas in it and they're a vegetable!!


and I'll probably have a bit of stewed rhubarb made with Canderel too

Verdict: a rather strange couple of days - - some really good food and some really bad!

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