Tuesday, 17 March 2009


A very busy day today rushing from Leeds United's ground at Elland Road to Leeds University.

I feel so well! And sadly it's because I haven't taken my diabetes tablets. I have twice as much energy as usual and I just feel - - well - - WELL.

Today I ate - -


a small Danish pastry (when I arrived at LUFC - I knew it was going to be a long morning, that's my excuse)

a currant teacake with butter (I thoughtfully packed this before I left as I knew it would be a mad dash)

a banana

a few brazil nuts

chilli con carne (home-made some time ago and frozen) with wholegrain rice and green beans

an orange

Okay, I'm going to check my blood sugar now - - worry worry - - 16.1 - - and it should be about seven - - oh POOH. Back to the tablets - - back to the doctor - - sighhh.

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