Saturday, 28 March 2009

Friday and Saturday

I forgot to write this blog yesterday because I was too preoccupied with Silverback's return from the States. He stayed at our house last night and it was great to see him.

So, what did I eat? - - er

yesterday - -


Can't remember what lunch was!

chicken and dumplings in a pot (Sainsbury's)

some fruit! - - Oh, and I think three small gingerbread men were involved too. Bad.

Yes, how quickly memories fade - -

Today I went onto Gliclazide as well as Metformin for my diabetes as a high dose of Metformin has been making me feel very sick. I had forgotten how hungry the Gliclazide makes me - - I was out earlier today and as I arrived back was suddenly starving so I ate lots of bad things very fast.


four small slices of raisin bread with cinnamon, toasted with butter

an orange

a bowl of Cheerios with semi-skimmed milk

some mixed nuts and rasisins

Chinese takeaway - - chicken with bamboo shoots and water chestnuts and fried rice - BAD! And I had some prawn crackers too. BAD. But I didn't finish it all and I didn't have the chocolate cake which was Stephen's birthday cake.

Verdict: Could do better. Mustn't let my blood sugar get too low. Or too high. Ahh - - that's the tricky thing.

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