Thursday, 4 August 2011

Back on the Five a Day

Okay, I never stopped aiming for the five portions of fruit and veg a day - - but life got in the way and I stopped blogging about it.

But I think it's time to go back to it now to see how I'm doing. This blog's not just about fruit and veg of course - - it's about everything I eat in my ongoing battle with diabetes and fruitless bid to become a size 10. Though that's never going to happen, because my back's too broad.

Anyway, since I stopped writing this blog I've been doing a lot of swimming and am definitely much fitter - - but I want to get fitter still.

So - - today I ate - -

a bowl of sugar-free muesli with nuts and dates and raisins in it - - Dorset Cereals - - yum!

an apple

a tuna salad sandwich, white bread

a portion of honeydew melon

a mint chocolate biscuit (quite small! I'd let my blood sugar get FAR too low!)

Salad - - salami, hummus, coleslaw and mixed salad with tomato, cucumber, peppers, apple in it.

A portion of watermelon

A small Petit Filous yogurtything.

An orange

A small glass of wine.

Exercise? - - just walking across Leeds Uni campus.

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