Sunday, 7 August 2011

Somewhat Horrid Day but Healthy

It's been a really stressful day because Olli and Gareth and Allee and David missed the ferry back from Wacken - and knew they were going to miss it hours before because they just didn't leave early enough and were caught in the Hamburg traffic.

I know it was very stressful for them - - and also for me! Sighhhhhhhh. Sometimes I feel I can't cope with much more of this sort of thing - - and then I do - - -

Anyway, what I ate today:

a bowl of Special K with red berries

a cheese omelette with salad (leaves, tomatoes, small coleslaw)

a fruit scone with butter

Two plums

Large mixed salad with apple, peppers, cucumber, leaves, tomatoes, fresh peas, spring onions in it - - plus three bean salad (Marks and Spencer's!) plus a couple of slices of ham, plus two boiled potatoes.

Two petits filous yogurty things

a bowl of cherries (just like life is not)

an orange

Verdict - - well, for such a stressful day my food was remarkably healthy - I'm quite surprised! (Could it be that there's no chocolate in the house?)

I usually go swimming on a Sunday - didn't today as I was feeling a bit dizzy. But I did do quite a bit of fairly strenuous gardening.

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