Friday, 5 August 2011

Friday's Food

Today I shopped at Marks and Spencer - - and let my blood sugar get far too low before lunch! Sighh.

So - today I ate

a bowl of sugar-free muesli (Dorset Cereals - - extra nuts - - )

an apple

two slices of wholemeal bread and butter

several small tomatoes and some green leaves, different kinds

a slice of watermelon

a Petit Filou yogurty thingy

a plain scone with sugar-free jam

(yes, quite a lot of lunch because it was late!)

Tea/Dinner/Supper whatever you call it - -

another slice of watermelon

Lamb chops with boiled potatoes and frozen peas and fresh carrots and gravy

No-fat yogurt

Verdict - - well I won't get scurvy - - too much lunch really but that's because my blood sugar was low and at least I stopped myself before I ate everything in the kitchen!

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