Thursday, 11 August 2011

Some Good - - Some Bad - -

Today I went to York and back twice before lunch - - and as a result, in spite of taking a banana and an apple with me and eating both, I ended up in McDonald's on the way back from York - - nooooo! But I was about to keel over so I think I did the right thing - - must remember to take more food with me!

Soo - - today I ate:

a bowl of shredded wheat (always with semi-skimmed milk)

an apple, a banana

A Big Mac with medium fries (BAD Daphne!)

a Breakaway biscuit - - - - low blood sugar sighhh! When my blood sugar's low I just find myself halfway through such things. Grrr!

After that things got better:

a no-fat yogurt

three plums

lots of little tomatoes, some fresh spinach leaves and fresh peas

a toasted bagel with peanut butter

a low-fat yogurt

an orange

Verdict: Too high in fat but at least there were six or so helpings of fruit and veg.

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