Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Treacle Toffee - - nooooooooo!

I was working at the University of Leeds this morning and then took my mother and our old friend Connie to the garden centre.

I left it a bit late to have lunch. Oops. Not a good idea on these Gliclazide tablets.

So I ate:


a cheese omelette with salad and coleslaw

a fruit scone with butter

- - - and my blood sugar still was incredibly low and I felt about to fall over. So I ate four treacle toffees in quick succession. It's probably ten years since I had treacle toffee and I loved it, though I was very aware that this was Not a Good Thing.

Then I ate:

roast chicken with a chunk of raw cabbage

a very few nuts and raisins

a bowl of Cheerios.

Verdict - - must NOT let my blood sugar get so low! Weird.

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