Saturday, 4 April 2009


Ahhh this Gliclazide is making me hungry! It works by boosting the insulin - - and, just like last time I tried it, I'm starving nearly all the time!

Today I ate:


an apple

two pieces of treacle toffee (I was about to collapse to the floor in the supermarket)

three smallish pieces of bread and butter, one with strawberry jam

a piece of cheese

three small carrots and a chunk of raw white cabbage

stir-fried vegetables with cashew nuts and Chinese sauce, with noodles

a banana in low-fat custard

an orange

a bowl of Cheerios

and I'd quite like to eat this computer.

Verdict: well at least there was plenty of fruit and veg and it could have been worse - - but I'm still hungry! Sighhhh. Think I may have to go back to the doctor.

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