Saturday, 17 January 2009

Writing it Down

If you write down what you eat, so the theory goes, you'll be more careful about it.

Now then, I'd like to be thinner. Not that I'm hugely overweight, but I'd like to be not overweight at ALL.

Also, I'm diabetic - type 2 - and my blood sugar's always a bit high and I'd really like it not to be. Nasty thing, high blood sugar - - it basically coats every organ in your body in sugar, and that doesn't do them any good. Diabetes shortens your life by fifteen years on average. I don't want it to shorten mine.

Since I found out that I was diabetic, about five years ago, I have made great changes in my diet, though the occasional chocolate digestive biscuit slips through the net - - or did yesterday, anyway.

One problem I have is that the tablets I'm on tend to make me feel rather queasy, especially in the evening: so I often don't really feel like eating anything "proper" then. But at lunchtime I'm often too busy to eat much.

I usually have my five portions of fruit and veg a day - - but I'm trying to find out what else I eat!

So I'm going to write down what I eat, and see what happens. And I'm not going to lie.

Feel free to comment or to criticise!

Yesterday I ate:
porridge, made nearly, but not entirely, with milk, with Canderel as sweetener
a baked potato with grated cheese and salad with no dressing
a drink of orange and raspberry juice
a fruit scone with butter (I love butter - I usually have the half-fat stuff but this was glorious full-fat)
pasta with tomato and basil sauce and grated cheese on top (it was a bit of a cheesy kind of a day)
two chocolate digestive biscuits
an orange, an apple, a banana, at different times of the day.

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  1. I'm going to do this too. I found out yesterday that I have very high cholesterol. It gave me a big shock. I could lose a bit of weight too. I'm not going to lie. I'm also going to write down my exercise/ activity.
    Thank you so much for this idea.