Friday, 30 January 2009

At the University all day

Today I was at the University for most of the day.

I ate:



baked potato with butter and grated cheese and lots of salad
fruit scone with butter

small apple pie

pasta with tomato and basil sauce and grated cheese


Verdict: if it wasn't for butter I expect I'd be two stone thinner. I blame the cows.


  1. I love butter too. I tried just using a little salt and olive oil...It's not really the same... But it helps a bit! For me it's the cholesterol I have to watch. Well, and the fat. And the sugar. And the salt!

    I think yours was a really good day's careful eating!

  2. Thank you, Katherine! I'm beginning to conclude that bread, butter and pastry are my downfall. I've cut out most of the sweet stuff because of my diabetes but have the occasional lapse - - - it could be worse though (she said, putting a positive slant on the apple pie).