Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Going Doooooooown

Well, the increased dose of Glucophage seems to be working - just before lunch, after a long morning's medical roleplay, I suddenly realised my blood sugar was low and since I was by now home with plenty of food to hand I decided to check it before I ate anything. FOUR POINT SIX! Blimey. I don't think it's ever been that low and they say that four is the lowest you should let it go.

Still, it makes a change from all the disappointingly high readings that I got till I added the extra tablet - I'm now on two in the morning and two in the evening.

So I had some lunch pronto.

Today I ate:

a salad sandwich
a large chunk of raw white cabbage (yes, I know, there's quite a lot of cabbage in this blog)
two fruit scones with butter (because I'd let my blood sugar get so low)

then, later
a toasted cheese sandwich
some tinned peaches in fruit juice with evaporated milk
a bottle of raspberry and orange juice
an orange

I think the increased queasiness from the extra tablet is decreasing hurrah - I must be getting used to the dose - so I may even start eating more proper evening meals again soon!

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