Sunday, 25 January 2009

Visitors for Lunch

My cousin Colin, his wife Cath and their daughter Helaina came round for lunch today and it was good to see them. I raided Marks and Spencers and did a buffet-type meal: Olli and Gareth and Mum and Stephen and me - - total eight so quite a few of us but it was fun.

Today I ate:


lots of green salad, no dressing
2 sausage rolls, falafel, gefilte fish balls
three bean salad in vinaigrette dressing
new potatoes
French bread and butter
apple juice
lots of fruit salad with a bit of ice cream
two profiteroles (look, they were on the table!! And they were only small!)

(yes, it was a big lunch)

a piece of French bread with butter and peanut butter
fruit salad and evaporated milk
an orange

Verdict: Well, plenty of fruit so I won't get scurvy, but still too high in fat and sugar, Daphne! Could do better!

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