Saturday, 1 August 2009

Friday and Saturday

I had a highly enjoyable evening watching Leon and Valiant last night, and forgot to write this blog.

Anyway, yesterday I ate:

Special K

a scone with jam

an orange, a nectarine, a banana

a piece of lemon cake (look, it was home made and it would have been rude to refuse, honest!)

half a portion of spare ribs and half a portion of chicken fried rice and some chips and some prawn crackers (sobs gently but it was YUM)

Verdict: Not the best of days nutrition-wise - - but it was a lovely evening and the Chinese take-away has been shut for weeks!

Today I ate:

porridge with frozen raspberries

a bacon sandwich

an orange

spag bol with tinned tomates and fresh onions and frozen peas

a bowl of strawberries

Verdict: Not too bad, though perhaps a bit too much red meat!

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