Sunday, 14 June 2009

Vanstallation in Holmfirth

It was a sunny day today and Mum and I went to Holmfirth this morning to see an art exhibition including a Vanstallation - - like an installation with vans - - -

And I ate:


a butternut squash muffin (sounds hideous but it was delicious)

a fresh salmon sandwich in brown bread with cucumber and a bit of salad
with chips

lamb steak, new potatoes, peas

a bowl of strawberries with evaporated milk

Verdict: Not as much fruit and veg as usual but the good news is that, although I had my Gliclazide tablet, I haven't seemed to be as starving today - - or indeed for the past few days. Perhaps I'm getting used to it at long last - - I hope so!

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