Sunday, 7 June 2009

Art Market and Meeting

I've missed a few days of this blog partly because of Gareth coming out of hospital - - I just seemed busy with other things.

I had a great steak in London on Thursday, a really enjoyable Chinese takeaway of an assorted appetiser on Friday and yesterday I had lunch at a cafe, Timoney's - - roast beef sandwich with onions and really great chips.

But back to today:

muesli (sugar free Alpen)



two slices of wholemeal toast and butter with a boiled egg

three digestive biscuits

four small sausages and some baked beans

a large slice of fruit tart with confectioner's custard (NOOOOOOOOOO!)

an orange

some fresh peas (I love these!)

a large chunk of white cabbage

Verdict: Fruit tart is NOT one of your five a day, Daphne! Apart from that, not too bad.

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