Friday, 25 December 2009

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I haven't written this blog for a while, since before I went to Italy in the summer. And it's not that I've been eating particularly badly in this time - - it's just that I have been finding a lot of things very difficult, and I've been very short of time.

But I know that I do tend to reach for something sweet when things are hard, and that's not good.

So I'm starting this blog again today, with the most-food day, Christmas Day. Surely after today things have got to get better.

Today I ate:


Turkey, sprouts, roast potatoes, sweetcorn, peas, a sausage, a chipolata wrapped in bacon, gravy

Elderflower and apple juice

An individual Christmas pudding with rather a lot of brandy sauce

five crackers with Double Gloucester and Brie

a piece of Christmas cake

two glasses of Bailey's.

Verdict: well, I know that this will be less than a lot of people have eaten. And I know that it's most certainly less than a lot of people have drunk.

But I'm not very pleased with myself really since I'm DIABETIC!!! And I should know better. And I do. But I'm not feeling great at the moment and I've been comfort=eating.

Must do better! (It's possible that I may finish the Bailey's first though).

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